Support and Services

Ensnare Technology aims to be challenge itself to operate on its core values and also continuously grow. And, as a technology company we will extend our arms to our customers in helping them to carve and achieve their business goals by being their choice as their right digital collaborative partner.

So, we would also want to offer the following additional services as our offerings:

  • Product Development - In house / customer centric
  • Consulting Services – Preparation makes things easy to execute
  • Professional Services – Using latest technology and agile methodologies give us the edge and save cost, money, & efforts
  • Support Services – Whenever and wherever you need help
  • Web development – Helping you on your digital journey
  • ERP / Product Solutions – Right implementation and support
  • Cloud Solutions – Help you gain the competitive advantage in the latest technologies
  • Custom Development – A comprehensive one stop of your technological solutions

Information Technology is rapidly developing and every evolving; thus your infrastructure and support is always subject to updates, streamling or optimisation. Achieving this in the radically changing business environment may required large or small teams of resources for short to medium terms, so Ensnare provides a combination of technical, logistical and management services to deliver your IT projects on time and budget.

Technical Consulting - Ensnare's team of consultants will be there for you, when you want them to either suggest on critical decision points of your mission critical projects. We will support your with your the right solutions that you would need during every project.

Project & Programme Management - Wheather its cloud migration or legacy to ERP migration or new product development, the expert team at Ensnare will be always available to guide your leadership and teams equally providing you extensive industry expertise and experience and thereby protecting your interest throughout a transition or implementation.

Similar to any product development organization, our product team at Ensnare Technology goes through the following phases:
  1. Idea Generation
  2. Idea Screening
  3. Concept Development
  4. Business Strategy Development
  5. Product Development
  6. Test Marketing
  7. Commercialisation
  8. Introduction
But, how Ensnare Product Management creates a difference is in its thinking. Ensnare Technology Product Team innovates using technology to create niche solutions to solve society's challenges.

Today, one such challenge faced by management teams of educational institutions is about effectively managing the data and making sensible decisions for the betterment of education itself and the quality of delivering education through its latest solution called as SEED.

SEED is an ERP solution for addressing the problems faced by the management and leadership teams of the Educational Institutions. Please click here to move to the SEED home page and also you can opt for a free trail of the latest ERP solution for your own Educational Institions.

Cloud Solutions – Help you gain the competitive advantage in the latest technologies Cloud Solutions are the need of the hour for every businesses. And, we at Ensnare strive to provide you the right cloud based solution that would suit your business needs and help you achieve your stratergic goals.

Our team members carry consists of experts on the cloud technology who can help your organization support an existing cloud solution or enable your organization to transform to cloud.

Counsulting Services will be purely based on customer need for customer services. Although the services will include the following:

  • business process optimization and simulation
  • business analysis
  • user experience design
  • Agile Transformation Roadmapping and solutions

A comprehensive one stop of your technological solutions Ensnare is a comprehensive one stop solution for all your technological needs that enables your business be it in IT or otherwise. The Ensnare team believes we can make your dreams come live with the right mix of technology solutioning to address your roadmaps.

We believe in getting our customer the right fitment of resources for ensuring a successful implementation and transition of systems and people effectively. Ensnare Technology will be a partner in your tranformation journey and help you achieve your fullest potential as a organization. We will work with you towards your success.

In today's world everything is either already on the web or in the process of moving to web shortly. We have a specialist team working on web development, who can provide you with a range of services including Web Design, Logo Design, User Experience (UX), User Interface Design (UI Design), Website Designing, Website Launching, etc.

Onsite & Deployment - Be it legacy or ERP or Infrastructure or be it database administration support our technical team of expertise can be deployed at your site or work remotely to provide you installation, configuration of all IT equipments and softwares across all major vendor technologies.